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Friday, September 02, 2005

 • Anxious

She is 35 milies from Alabama. Her grandmother lives in Tuscaloosa if she needs to stop. Unfortunately, Katrina doesn't think her aged grandmother would understand a "quick stop and move on." She may try to visit on the way back, time permitting.

The last place she stopped for gas it was $2.99 a gallon and the were rationing it--limiting purchases to 10 gallons. Luckily she only needed 2.73 gallons. She's trying to keep the tank topped up as she moves south. Plus it gives her a chance to stretch and Kiefer a chance to claim some more of this great land as his own.

I asked her how she was feeling about everything and she said she wasn't so anxious about her mom, as about facing potential road outages, reroutes, flat tires and goverment authorities telling her she can't go look for her mom.

She knows her mom is at home, she says, because if she evaucated, she would have called her on her birthday on Wednesday and let us know she was all right.

I'm a bit weary right now, but I've got some work to do (job work, that is) so I'll be around a while longer.

I can't see her getting anywhere near Angie until 8 a.m. at the absolute earliest.

Thanks for the donations that have come in from my brother and others since the last time I mentioned it. It really restores my faith in mankind.


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