katrina v. katrina

Friday, September 02, 2005

 • Boligee, Alabama

Voicemail from Katrina (the wife, not the storm--that would be weird):

In [Boligee] where I just stopped all three gas stations don't have any gas. I didn't see any houses--they were just like highway gas stations, truck stops, whatever--but there were lots of people sitting in their cars with their doors open. And there were like dogs walking around the parking lot. I mean there's always dogs, but it's like being in a different place.

There a lot more trees down now too. There's a lot of big road signs twisted up, but I didn't want to stop along the highway so I didn't get any pictures. I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities for pictures later.

Livingston (as in Doctor), also, had no gas.

Ham Radio
A good friend is a ham radio operator. He's hooking up with ham radion rescue groups in the affected areas and may have a lead on someone who can check up on Cathie.

I hope so.


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