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Saturday, September 03, 2005

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Cathie has been found.

Katrina made to to Angie about 3:00 and discovered that her mom's house was empty, open and severly damaged.

Neigbors/relatives (in that neck of Louisiana, there's little difference) disagreed on nearly every detail, but did agree that Cathie had taken her mother to Florida yesterday morning due to a downturn in her health that couldn't be treated locally in hurricane-torn Washington Parish.

Why Florida? Cathie's sister, Deborah, lives there and now will be taking care of her mother.

Katrina got phone numbers for Deborah from digging around Cathie's house, as none of her relatives knew thier own matriarchs' phone numbers.

Katrina immediately left to head out of Louisiana as the local "Barney Fife" has set a 7:00 p.m. curfew in that corner of the state.

She called me about 6:30 p.m. once she got a cell phone signal and gave me the phone numbers.

I called Florida and talked to a clearly anxious Cathie. I worked out some details and then called Katrina to fill her in and she, in turn called her mother as the signal was getting stronger.

Katrina called me back in tears to say that her mom was leaving Florida immediately and coming back to Angie, then would leave there to come and live in Indiana with us.

A weight has been lifted from all of us.

Katrina hopes to meet up face-to-face about 2:00 tomorrow.

Much more in the morning...


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