katrina v. katrina

Thursday, September 01, 2005

 • Indianapolis

Katrina is currently going around Indianapolis on Interstate 465.

The nearest big town to Angie (located in the northeast corner of Louisiana) is Bogalosa. Residents of Angie are supposed to have evacuated to there, but Cathie's email on Sunday indicated that she was staying in the house.

Cathie's house is about the size of a double-wide trailer and was built by Cathie herself in the 80's. She's a strong, independant woman (like my wife) and is used to taking care of herself. Upon retiring from the military, she began working at Washington Parish Prison near Varnado (pronounced "VWAHR-neh-doh" not "Var-NAY-doh", don't ask me why).

We have donations! I'll list names in my next post.


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