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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

 • Well, Crap

A lot has happened since Sept 8 - the last date of a post here. Amazing how fast time and events go by.

My mom applied for an got a job at the foundry where I work.

The FEMA check came.

Unemployment from Louisiana came through.

Mom filed for bankruptcy against the things she had lost in Louisiana.

A "cost of living" check from Mom's insurance company.

Mom got severance pay from the prison.

Mom packed up and left.

Yeah, I know, but it gets better.

We had a Halloween Party to deliver our youngest child to for a couple of hours. Ric and I decided to have dinner together and then pick the youngest up and go back home. Katie was spending the night with her grandmother (paternal) that had come in from Nebraska. When we got home with Miranda from the party - Mom was gone, as was a bunch of her stuff - the stuff that was important to her.

No note, no message, no nothing.

We had gone to counceling together, Mom and I, with Mother Rebecca and I had poured out my heart about how happy I was to have my Mom with me and she talked about how awful her life had been with her mother in Louisiana. I confessed to being terrified of loosing my Mom and how close I wanted to keep her to me now that she was finally with me... etc, etc, etc.

Nothing like telling a person exactly what they need to do to hurt you the most - and then having them do it.

Everyone is shocked - friends, family, co-workers, grandkids, me.

I have cried and screamed and sobbed and vented and sat stunned and questioned why.

I just don't know. I don't really understand.

I'm sad and sorry and angry and confused and wounded. I'm lost.


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